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Travel to Vietnam in the Spring

Having lived in Vietnam for 4 years now and being constantly on the lookout for new and fresh ideas for travel in this vast country, we have found that the spring season is the one that throws up the biggest challenges to finding a perfect getaway - although there are still plenty of options.

Let's get the negative out of the way first - avoid the north at this time of year. Sapa and Ha Long are too cold, the smaller unique visits around the countryside are also chilly, cloudy and these days experience a lot of rain. Ask any expat living in Vietnam and they will tell you about the humid conditions in which mould thrives: Wearing clothes that feel like they have a coat of damp fur on them is not fun.

Ok, so the negatives are out of the way. Short and sweet.

Ho Chi Minh City is a great place to start your travels at this time of year due to the cooler temperatures (still hot) and less chance of a storm to steal a day or two of your vacation. There are many day trips to be found around the southern regions on Vietnam but the trips we rate the highest in the spring are to the Mekong Delta.

TOP TIP: Get a one way ticket to Can Tho right in the middle of the Mekong Delta and go from there. You should book tours or activities from Can Tho - they are much cheaper than in Ho Chi Minh City and you get more of an authentic feel to your trip. It much more rewarding to arrange trips with the locals than it is in a fancy travel agent in the city. You'll find some great boat tours from the area around the Tran Phu road, to the North East of the Can Tho town.

The activities that we recommend for something a little different are:

  • Bicycle Tours

  • Canal Tours

  • Floating markets and villages.

It is even possible to arrange a boat that will take you through the Mekong, at your own pace, and through into Cambodia for the next stage of your travel.

If you're visiting the beaches, we recommend getting a boat / bus combo to the little quaint town of Ha Tien. You'll experience the highlights of the Mekong if you take your time, or if you don't, you'll get the general feel for the delta area anyway, whilst not getting your feet wet.

In Ha Tien you'll be able to sample a very authentic South Vietnamese market selling all kinds of food and goods. A little tip: Take the time to visit the Thach Dong area for some spectacular views and lovely little caves. From Ha Tien you can get the cheap ferry across to Phu Quoc. A great island if you want to hire a motorbike and explore or if you want the best 5* resorts that Vietnam has to offer. Great weather all year round - you can't go wrong.

If you aren't interested in the waterways of the Mekong Delta or the island life, we recommend visiting Ho Chi Minh City's backpacker area (The roads off Pham Ngu Lao) and speaking to the travellers sitting in cafes and bars. They know the latest travel information and can give you detailed accounts of their recent experiences in the lesser known or popular places to visit. The travel agents there are also often honest and won't try to rip you off. Be firm in your choices and needs.

Get in touch if you want any specific information or advice about anything in this post, or anything else regarding Vietnam.

Thank you for reading.


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