Though Nam Nghi’s tranquil grounds can be deceptive, Phu Quoc provides ample opportunity to discover the history, culture, and stunning natural beauty of Vietnam’s largest island. Trek through the lush forests of a sprawling national park, wander into the charming Duong Dong town, where local markets and fish sauce factories – one of Phu Quoc’s signature products – abound, or explore the Gulf of Thailand’s turquoise waters by boat. Wherever you go, Nam Nghi seeks to provide guests with both the access and knowledge to create unique, tailored experiences both on land and at sea.


Venture beyond the shores of Phu Quoc in one of Nam Nghi’s six pontoon and speedboats, which are dedicated to providing guests with access to adventure. Whether you are making a short jaunt into Duong Dong town, embarking to the privately owned Hon Bang Island for a relaxing afternoon, trying your hand at deep-sea fishing, or simply indulging in a sunset drink among the waves.


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