Uniquely designed with special Mangala Zen Garden architectural features. It is located within the Ocean Villas Resort, between the shoreline of the East Sea and the Nhu Hanh Mountain. In Feng Shui, this position is known as “Water in the front and mountains at the back.


Perfected Cat Tuong Mangala Zen Garden services and facilities fulfil you with private beach, 03 swimming pools, Eurasia, Ayurveda Restaurants, tennis courts, golf course, outdoor, beach sports area, entertainment, health care, tea-meditation garden on the beach, library, tours or place to organise formal activities, romantic events on the sand.


Above all is the exquisite bedrooms with their special meaningful names such as: Bao Binh, Bao Cai, Song Ngu, Phap Loa, Lien Hoa ... all symbolise the happiness, fulfilment, wisdom and more than that. All in one lifestyle, “Mangala” style!


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