Vietnam is still a relatively new and unknown destination for holiday makers and travellers.  Even for the more well travelled tourist, there is a treasure trove of undiscovered tours, hotels and activities to enjoy. Sometimes people just want a bit of up-to-date advice or even simple information regarding the current visa information in Vietnam. 

Why do we offer free advice for anyone coming to Vietnam? People often ask, "What's the catch?"  

There is no catch.  We love travel, we love Vietnam, we love helping people.  By doing what we love, people continue to visit our website. When people visit our website, enjoy our services and interact with us, we get better rankings on Google Search.  Everyone is happy.  If you want to pay us something, pay with your generosity by liking, sharing, reviewing us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Kakao Story.   It really is that simple. 

Thank you for spending the time to read about our services.  It is hugely appreciated by all of us at Vouchers for Vietnam. 


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