Located in the heart of the bustling Hanoi Old Quarter, JM Marvel Hotel Hanoi shines as a sparkling diamond with a professional style and excellent service. As a heaven of relaxation, JM Marvel will definitely bring you the best time ever.

Timeless yet contemporary, classic yet cutting-edge, the elegant mixture of luxury and comfort makes JM Marvel become the most outstanding four star hotel that catches the eyes of any traveller.

This brand new building is established in February 2018 with 45 rooms & suites which are designed with a delicate, romantic style and well-equipped facilities. Many rooms have large windows, city views, or a balcony and they bring to customers an enjoyable and pleasant stay. The Central View Restaurant, Rooftop Bar & Coffee and JM Marvel Spa are the highlights of the hotel. Customers not only enjoy delicious meals and amazing glasses of wine, but also panorama city views of Hanoi.

JM Marvel Hanoi Hotel's Offer 

"Pay for a minimum of two nights and get one night free upon presenting the voucher book"

Hotels terms of offer:

- For rooms over the value of $200, the voucher book is not valid.
- One voucher per room. If you have more than one room, you'll need a voucher for each room to qualify for the discount on those rooms.

- Individual pages of the book will not be accepted, the passport number must be clearly seen on the cover of the voucher book with a Voucher for Vietnam stamp next to it. 

- For the duration stay at our hotel, JM Marvel Hotel Hanoi's conditions of service are final and override any Voucher for Vietnam conditions. They can be found on the hotel website.

- Upon presenting the voucher book, one of our members of staff will collect the JM Marvel Hotel Hanoi page and return the voucher book to you for your memorabilia. 


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