Cassia Cottage began as a spice trader’s family retreat. It evolved into Phu Quoc Island’s boutique resort sui generis.

This is a place where time stands still, leaving you to savor simple pleasures. Relax on the beach and let the ocean kiss your toes. Wander through the gardens before sharing a bottle of wine. Allow the lapping ocean, singing cicadas and croaking frogs lull you to a deep and sumptuous sleep.

Cassia Cottage preserves the essence of the old Phu Quoc; an idyllic sanctuary where the modern pace of life washes out to sea.

The accommodation options have different personalities. The Heritage wing offers the old world charm that evolved from the original family retreat built in the late 90’s. The Modern wing, built in 2016, is the result of a labour of love that ensured the same carefree character and ambiance that is the hallmark of Cassia Cottage.


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